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Eboni Williams Husband, Wiki, Salary, Age, Married In 2019

Eboni Williams Bio, Age, Weight, Height, Facts, Controversies, Net worth, Family Tree, Personal life

Eboni K. Williams is the name of a renowned attorney, political analyst and news contributor as well as a radio host in America. While working as n attorney at law, Eboni thrived to make a name for herself being a TV Personality. After getting her bachelors and masters in Communication and Law, she started her career while working as an intern for Louisiana Secretary of State. Other than that she also worked at the Office of Louisiana Attorney General.

During her time of internship, Eboni was in the middle of Hurricane Katrina disaster. After that she started her work as the Civil Litigator as well as family lawyers. This, she soon turned into a private law practice.

After securing her practice in Louisiana, she then started her role of being the freelance broadcaster.  She offers services for channels like NFL Network, CNN, Fox News and various other media channels.

Our guide will help you explore near about every possible fact and personal information available at the moment of this celebrity. So sit back and enjoy this joy ride of information.

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Real Name:- 

Eboni K. Williams

Nick Name:-

Eboni Williams



News Contributor

Radio Host



Physical Stats:-

This portion of the celebrity’s bio will help you get acquainted with the physical attributes of importance that you might want to know.

30 years old Eboni Williams is African American by ethnicity. Although belonging to Afro American ethnicity she does not have that dark black skin. Instead she has a fairly light brown skin which depicts her facial features beautifully. Her silky, shiny long black hair along with her black eyes makes her look stunning when she makes appearance on TV. Being a woman of modern times, she has clearly a sense of fashion which she depicts on TV occasionally with her chic clothes. Eboni weighs about 50 kg at a height o mere 5 feet 2 inches. The secret to her fit seductive physique is regular excursive and a strict diet plan.  Other than that she also does regular yoga and Pilates along with some spin classes.

Personal life:-

For personal life we have carefully selected all the necessary items ranging from date of birth to their family tree that can be of importance to the fans.

Eboni Williams has a long outstanding career since the start of it and for her fans we have gathered all the information that could be scavenger. She is certainly a hardworking lady which is clearly evident from her following career information.

  • During her time at college, Eboni started working as intern for the law firm; “McCraiune Sistrunk Anzelmo Hardy Maxwell & McDaniel. She interned for nearly four months as a summer intern.
  • After completing her Law degree she went on to be the teaching assistant at the Loyola University’s College of Law. Her duties were to not only to help professors and students but also to check assignments as well as grading them.
  • In 2008, Eboni was working as Civil Litigator and Family Law attorney. In the very same year she was working at the Mecklenburg County’s Public defender Office, providing free services to poor clients in District Court. The impressive part about this is that she has 200 cases entitled to her name there which also includes visits and interviews to jail convicts as well.
  • In 2010, Eboni joined the law firm of James D Williams Jr. where her duties were to handle cases of traffic.
  • In 2010 she started her own practice again and this time she was working the cases which involved crimes like rape, sex, drugs, and homicide and federal offenses.
  • In 2011, Eboni started working as the freelance broadcaster for media platforms like CNN, Fox news and The Oprah Winfrey Network.
  • At the same time she joined the ABC news channel as their legal analyst, social commentator and, political strategist.
  • During her time at FOX News, she was made appearances in the consecutive twelve episodes of the show; Hannity. Other than that she also appeared on “The O’Riely Factor”.
  • On her resume, she also has the privilege of working with CBS news as their Correspondent, although for a brief moment.
  • In the year 2016, Eboni was recognized in public when she published her book titled; Pretty Powerful: Appearance, Substance and Success.
  • As far as her radio career goes, she is the co-host for the New York Radio station show of the “WABC Radio”.

Date of Birth:-

September 9th, 1988

Birth Place:-

North Carolina, USA

Zodiac Sign:-





Few of the facts about life of Eboni Williams are as follows.

  • Eboni was born to an African American mother who was a self employed single woman. According to Eboni, the reason for her success today is all the care she received from her mother while growing up.
  • After graduating high school, Eboni enrolled in University of North Carolina where she received her bachelor’s degree in Communications as well as in African American studies.
  • She decided to pursue a career in law so she reenrolled herself in the private law school at the Loyola University. From there, Eboni received her Juris Doctor Degree.
  • Eboni has served her time as an intern Clerk at the office of Attorney General of Louisiana for almost six months.

Net worth:-

When it comes to net worth, Eboni Williams is very private. She has not revealed any information regarding her assets whatsoever. However from what we could estimate she is bound to have a net worth easily around 1 million dollars. Given her successful law practice and all the time she spends on TV channels she is bound to be making this much.


She is currently living in Louisiana, however due to personal reasons and security concerns; the address of her house has been kept private.

Family Tree:-

Other than the fact that she belongs to African American ethnicity there is little information available on Eboni Williams.

Father Name:-

His name is not available. According to sources, Eboni never met her father because since the time of her birth she only saw her mother raising her.

Mother Name:-

The name of her mother is private information. The only information available about her is that she raised Eboni as a single mother. She paid much attention to Eboni upbringing as well as her education. According to Eboni herself, all the fame and success she has today, is all because of her mother’s efforts.


There are no known siblings.


She has no children.


Like her family background most of her love life is also a private affair. Although she has been seen, time to time with a man named Gray Sandy. Sandy also happens to be her childhood friend. Maybe they are dating but this has not been made public news.

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