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For our readers today we have selected one of the popular Sportscaster in USA. He goes by the name of Nick Wright Our guide will help you explore near about every possible fact and personal information available at the moment of this celebrity. So sit back and enjoy this joy ride of information.

Real Name:- 

Nick Wright

Nick Name:-

Nick Wright


Nick Wright is Co-Host



Physical Stats:-

This portion of the celebrity’s bio will help you get acquainted with the physical attributes of importance that you might want to know.

Nick Wright has not disclosed his birthday or the year when he was born. We can only make estimate that he is in his mid thirties with a height of about 5 feet 11 inches and weighing about 80- kg in weight.  He is a skinny tall guy with a sharp near bald haircut who makes intriguing commentary on major sporting events all across America.

Personal life:-

For personal life we have carefully selected all the necessary items ranging from date of birth to their family tree that can be of importance to the fans.

Nick Wright is one of the most enigmatic and brilliant sports caster and commentator in USA. He has a unique style to host the sports news as well has the genuine passion for sports which makes his news al the more interesting to hear from a perspective of a fellow American and Sport lover. There are a huge number of audiences that follows Nick Wright not only on his news program but also on his social media accounts. For these fans we have gathered a bunch of following information starting the career highlights of this renowned media celebrity.

  • Nick Wright took the start of his career from the Kansas City radio news channel for their program, KCSP 610 AM. At the start of his job there he was only a co-host for weekend program along with being the production assistant.
  • Seeing his ability as a co host in a radio program, the channel gave him his own show called What’s Right with Wright. The show was the break through that got him recognized not only in general public but also a prospect for major news channels like Fox Sports.
  • At the very time when he was working with Kansas City Radio, he also hosted a show for the WAER 88.3 FM. The segment was named as “Double Overtime”. He was doing all this work while continuing is study at night classes of Syracuse University.
  • He later quitted the KSCP and joined the radio station of KILT 610 AM. His main work there was running the morning drive show.
  • He spent four successful years at Houston Texas, before Fox Sports finally took notice of him. Fox Sports hired him as their new Sportscaster along with being the co host of the show, “The Hard with Colin Cowher”. His part of the hosting is consistent of top stories and narratives on performances of NFL players.
  • Being one of the experienced sportscaster and radio host for major channels and stations, Nick Wright picked up another unique talent of being a Sports Column Writer.

Date of Birth:-

Not available, although some says that he celebrates it on 3rd of October

Birth Place:-

Houston, Texas

Zodiac Sign:-





Few of the amazing facts about Nick Wright are as follows.

  • According to Nick Wright’s fans, if you want to stay updated on all things sports, then you must follow him on his Twitter account. He currently has more than 50 thousand followers.
  • He completed his degree from night classes of Syracuse University and got his bachelor degree in Broadcast Journalism. All of his hard work paid off when he got the permanent job as the host of Fox Sports radio show.

Net worth:-

Nick Wright is the member of a major sporting channel and also has worked for various famous Sports Radio programs. Considering his popularity his salary can easily be in five figures annually. Although there is no concrete information available as to how much doe Nick earns annually or how much his current net worth is.


Like all the other information, Nick Wright has kept his residential address a secret from general public. It is only known that he maintains his residence in LOS Angeles city.

Family Tree:-

Nick Wright is very private man when it comes to his family background. He has not disclosed any information regarding his past life. The only information is that he was born to White ethnic American parents and is American by both ethnicity and nationality. There is no record either of him having any siblings too.

Father Name:-

Not available

Mother Name:-

Not available


Not available


He has three children as a result of his marriage. He has an older son and two young daughters, their names are not disclosed either. He often posts pictures of his family on social media accounts.


He is married to his longtime girlfriend Danielle who is of African American ethnicity.  She is currently happily married and living with Nick and his three children in Los Angeles City.



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