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According to experts and critics, social media has become a platform that allows people not only to communicate with each other but also provide opportunities for new artist to showcase their skills to the whole world. There are social media sites like Vine and Instagram that allows posting of short videos for young audience who do not like to see long video and many artists have take opportunity of these social media sites to showcase their talents.

One of these budding talents is known as Marlon Webb. Since his childhood days, Marlon was a comedic character who loved to make jokes and make everyone happy. During his college days, he opened up an account at Vine where he started posting six second short funny videos. His video soon gained mass following and was a phenomenon in young US citizen.

. Our guide will help you explore near about every possible fact and personal information available at the moment of this celebrity. So sit back and enjoy this joy ride of information.

Marlon Webb

Real Name:-

Marlon Webb

Nick Name:-



Social Media celebrity




Physical Stats:-

This portion of the celebrity’s bio will help you get acquainted with the physical attributes of importance that you might want to know.

27 years old Marlon Webb belongs to African American ethnicity and is a born American national. Marlon Webb is still in his prime years so he has quite a good physique. He has a bald head but that only adds to his handsome looks. With his ever present smile and hearty laugh which portrays in his videos he is loved by youngster of his and new generation as well. Marlon stands tall at a height of about 5 feet 10 inches while weighing around 80 kg. He has a normal body physique which he still tries to maintain with daily exercise. His most famous dress attire is making appearance in wearing comedic style shirt with jersey and colorful bowtie.

Personal life:-

For personal life we have carefully selected all the necessary items ranging from date of birth to their family tree that can be of importance to the fans.

For the readers we have gathered the detailed information about the career as well as some of the personal information from Marlon Webb’s life. The info is as follows.

·During his college days, the young comedian opened up a Vine account for posting six second funny videos. The videos soon got a mass following form young audience.

·At first he was only relying on his Vine account but then to broaden his success rate he opened up an account on Instagram. With Instagram’s mobile focused platform, he was soon able to reach to more audience in lesser time. He soon got a mass following of about 1.7 million followers in few years.

·Recently there has been news that Twitter is going to close its Vine site and this is going to be a challenge for Marlon. Because majority of Marlon’s fame is because of his Vine account.

·However analysts have made speculations that there are still many opportunities for Marlon to gain a following. According to them as of Vine’s cancellation, Marlon has to now convert to Short Video Blogging social media services if he wants to continue his career growth.

·Marlon is unlike many other social media stars. He likes not only to personally reply to the comments but he also makes live appearances to meet up with his fans as well.

·In his most famous events, he once walked on the streets of Los Angeles in 2015 while performing various comedy kicks that were just like from his Vine videos. The skit on the Los Angeles street was actually a classic remake of the 1980’s Take on Me by A-Ha. This skit was also posted on Facebook and various other social media platforms as well and was viewed for more than 13 million times.

Date of Birth:-

May 10th, 1991

Birth Place:-

Templeton, Massachusetts

Zodiac Sign:-





Few of the lesser known facts about the life of Marlon Webb are as follows.

·Marlon Webb since his childhood was a happy kids who always wanted to make other s laugh. He used to perform comedy skits or told jokes on family occasions that made him a loveable family personality.

·E was also a great student and was excellent in his academic approach. After his high school graduation, he got enlisted into one of the reputed universities of Massachusetts.

·He got his bachelor’s in Visual Performing Arts and this degree was the one that helped him to pursue his career better than ever.

·During his university days, he also participated in sports as well. He played football and participated in many university competitions on behalf of his team.

·Marlon often collaborates with another comedy social media star, Arberi Ferraj. Their videos after posting receive up to 10,000 likes in a single day.

Net worth:-

There is no concrete source of info available on the net worth or even the salary earnings of Marlon Webb. However the analysts have made estimates that considering his mass following on his previous Vine account and now on his Instagram as well as on other social media accounts, he undoubtedly has a net worth around 1 million dollars.


He currently maintains his residence in Los Angeles but frequently visits his family home in Massachusetts. The address of his residence has not been made public.

Family Tree:-

There is not much information known regarding his family tree other than that he belongs to Afro American community and is a bon American notational.

Father Name:-

Not known

Mother Name:-

Not known


Not known


Not known


He has not been seen with any woman that can be called his potential love partner.

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