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For our readers today we have selected one of the popular daughters of the famous rappers in US. The name of this woman is LeTesha Marrow who happens to be the daughter of a renowned actor and rapper; Ice T.

That is not all about the fame of Letesha Marrow as she is a woman of her own talents. She happens to be the CEO and hot for the “t-Tea-V Behind the Scenes’ a reality TV show. She is also the assistant director of this very show.

In addition to her holding much prominent position for this show, LeTesha Marrow has also made appearances on several of the renowned American reality TV shows over the years. Her most prominence appearance on a reality TV show was in her own father’s reality TV show titled “Ice Loves Coco”. In this show’s one episode, she made appearance with her own son Elijah Marrow who was a regular on his grandfather’s show.

LeTesha Marrow has been on the cover of many news channels for years after her son was arrested by police on murder charge. As it happens, Elijah was arrested for killing his roommate.  The killing happened on 24th June, 2014 at ‘Bentley manor Apartments” located in Marietta, Ga.

She once again went viral on social media after the pictures with her ex-boyfriend were leaked.

Our guide will help you explore near about every possible fact and personal information available at the moment of this celebrity. So sit back and enjoy this joy ride of information.

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Real Name:- 

LeTesha Marrow

Nick Name:-



Business woman


Reality TV host



Physical Stats:-

This portion of the celebrity’s bio will help you get acquainted with the physical attributes of importance that you might want to know.

42 years old LeTesha Marrow is a born American national who belongs to the African American ethnic group of people. She is a fine looking woman whose sot prominent feature of her body is her short hairs. She likes to keep her hairs to bare minimum. Other than that she presents a curvaceous yet slim body physique.

Personal life:-

For personal life we have carefully selected all the necessary items ranging from date of birth to their family tree that can be of importance to the fans.

For our reader today we have gathered all the information that we could gather on LeTesha Marrow career progression as well as her personal life.

  • Many of us known LeTesha Marrow to be the daughter of the famous rapper and actor by the name Ice-T whose own real name is Tracy Lauren Marrow.
  • LeTesha Marrow influenced by her father’s fame decided to make a name for herself and that started with her opening her own reality TV show by the “T-Tea-V Behind the Scenes’. She is not only the host and CEO of the show but also the assistant directors well.
  • Other than hosting her own sow, she has made several appearances on many hit reality TV shows. Her most famous appearance in a reality show was on her father’s shows titled “Ice Loves Coco”. She came to the show alongside her own son; Elijah Marrow.
  • Life had been tough for LeTesha Marrow after 24th June, 2014 when her son Elijah Marrow was arrested by police on count of murder.
  • According to police, he killed his roommate at the “Bentley Manor Apartments” located in Marietta, Ga.
  • Letesha had been badly affected by this incident. As for LeTesha’s father, he has not given statement about this whole incident.
  • She once again gained the limelight on social media after she posted pictures of herself dating an unidentified male. Many speculate him to be her ex-boyfriend.

Date of Birth:-

March 20th, 1976

Birth Place:-


Zodiac Sign:-





There are not many facts known about the life of LeTesha Marrow other than that she is the daughter of the famous rapper and actor; Ice T.

Letesha Marrow Net worth:-

As of 2018 there is no official word on the net worth of LeTesha Marrow. However analysts have speculated that considering her line of work and the many things she have achieved in addition to that, she is bound to have a  net worth of 1 to 2 million dollars.


She currently lives in Atlanta but the residential address has been kept private due to security and privacy concerns.

Family Tree:-

Information about her family life is as follows.

Father Name:-

Her father’s name is Tracy Lauren Marrow who is better known by his rap name Ice-T. He also happens to be the actor and the host of his won reality TV show titled “Ice Loves Coco”.

Mother Name:-

Her mother’s name is not known because she conceived her with her father when they were in high school. Ice-T raised her as a single parent.


She has two other siblings; one brother and one sister. Their names are as follows.

  • Tracy Marrow Jr.
  • Chanel Nicole Marrow


She has one child whose name is Elijah Marrow. However this son of her is currently looking for a length jail time after he mishandle and used a firearm which resulted in the death of his roommate; Johnson.


She has not been married with anyone but on occasions had several boyfriends. One of them is the father of her child but she has not revealed his name. She is currently living a single life.


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