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For our readers today we have selected one of the popular celebrities who got their fame because of them marrying it with another already popular celebrity. The name of our today’ celebrity is Jackie Christie who got her fame after she got married to the basketball star Doug Christie. After marrying Doug, Jackie also became renowned and soon after the launch of VH1’s famous reality TV shows Basketball Wives: Los Angeles she even became more famous.

While she is adored by many million fans and is labeled as controversial figure by her other cast members from the show Jackie happens to be making it big in both entertainment and business world as well. Jackie is the proud owner of a music production label titled “Jena Fya Record” and an entertainment firm titled “BSM Media”. But wait this is not enough for her as she has also recently launched her own clothing line by name of “Slayed By Jackie Christie”.

As all of this was not enough to gain her fame and fortune, she is also an author who has many motivational books to her name. Jackie is renowned for her philanthropic works as well. She does a lot of charily work and is greatly admired for it. She is marred to her husband for more than two decades now.

Our guide will help you explore near about every possible fact and personal information available at the moment of this celebrity. So sit back and enjoy this joy ride of information.


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Real Name:- 

Jackie Christie

Nick Name:-




Reality TV star

Business woman


Fashion Designer



Physical Stats:-

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Jackie Christie is at present 50- years old and belongs to African American ethnicity group. She is a born American national and has lived through the times when the colored people were not living the lives as they are living nowadays. She has been toughened by her experiences and proudly embraces her African American cultural heritage. Despite being at her age, she is quite a beauty that ahs managed to stay fit and beautiful al thanks to her taking care of her beauty and body through exercises and healthy diets.

Personal life:-

For personal life we have carefully selected all the necessary items ranging from date of birth to their family tree that can be of importance to the fans.

  • Jackie Christie only became the all of LA when she got married to the famous basketball player; Doug Christie two decades ago. This also came into her favor when the VH1’s favorite and hit show “Basketball Wives: Los Angeles was launched and soon she became the talk of every house in LA.
  • The real credit however to her fame is all thanks to her outspoken nature.
  • In 2006, Jackie and Doug both participated in a reality TV show called “The Christies: Committed”. The show was about their personal and professional life. The show was however cannel led after only 6 episodes and its final episode never got a chance to get aired.
  • In 2007, Jackie took up writing and also started publishing work the very same year. She has a handful of motivational books to her name.
  • In 20076, Jackie tried her hand in fashion clothing and opened up a clothing line by name of “Slayed by Jackie Christie”.
  • In 2008, Jackie broadened her horizon by opening up two of her own companies which are as follows.
  • Jean Fya Record; a music production label
  • BSM Media; an entertainment firm
  • Jackie tends to remain active on her social media accounts as well and as a result of this activeness he has over 310 thousand followers on Instagram and 695 thousand followers on Twitter.
  • As a result of writing and publishing books she has published the following books.
  • Woman
  • No Ordinary Love
  • Sexual Relations
  • Proud to be a colored girl
  • Luv Pons
  • In the land of Sex & Money

Date of Birth:-

July 7th, 1969

Birth Place:-

Seattle, Washington

Zodiac Sign:-





Few of the amazing facts about life of Jackie Christie are as follows.

  • Jackie Christie is currently successfully married to her husband Doug Christie for more than two decades. She revealed that secret to her successful marriage is that the couple does things like friends. The couple even like newlyweds share love notes daily.
  • Jackie was so over protective of her husband in early years of her marriage that she would not let female reporters interview Doug.
  • Jackie is also the host for a radio show titled “The Christie’s infinite Love Talk Radio”.
  • Jackie runs her own philanthropic organization by the name of “Infinite Love Foundation”. Other than that she also does various other charity works.
  • Jackie revealed that she and Doug once were considering to even making an adult film.
  • Jackie once unintentionally posted her topless pictures on Instagram. Although she did removed tem immediately, but many saw the pictures, downloaded it and shared it. Although her husband was furious over this but she eventually mended her marriage.

Net worth:-

As of 2018, according to official sources, the net worth of Jackie Christie is about 10 million dollars. All of this is not because of her being the wife of Doug Christie or being the cast of the reality TV shows, but most of this came from her various businesses and her sale from her motivational books.


She currently lives in LA with her husband Doug Christie. The residential address of her house has been kept a secret due to privacy and paparazzi concerns.

Family Tree:-

Information related to family of Jackie Christie is as follows.

Father Name:-

Not known

Mother Name:-

Not known


Not known


She ahs tow daughter and their names are

  • Chantal Christie
  • Takari Lee


She has been married to the famous NBA player Doug Christie for more than two decades.