Flip Rodriguez Bio, Real Name, Age, Family Girlfriend, Dating and Net Worth in 2019


Flip Rodriguez


A person with having a feeling of fighting or his childhood effort and has an incredible inspiration that rise his stardom. His name is David “Flips” Rodriguez but he is a young name so known by Flip as well. He also completed his seven seasons of the American Ninja Warriors. He revealed that he was sexually abused in young age that made him strongest among all people. He is a very emotional man no doubt, become a most inspirational man for them who has dreadful past and experiences.

A main Reason behind Wear Iconic Mask:

Young Flip or David Flip whatever the name he known for, Flip always shocked the audiences with his incredible and heart-breaking stunts. He well played in season 3 to season 9 of American Ninja Warrior or he competed very well. He removes his mask in season 7. When he revealed the reason behind wearing  mask that comes tears in audience and his fans that thing also inspirited by many people and they get motivated.

In season 8 he revealed that he was sexually abused in the age of 9-15 that it’s his father. The reason behind to take off his mask is just to embracing that who he is or is proud of being what he has become now. Flip also admitted that he could not happy to inspired millions of fans but he just found his true self in it. He worked in a mot rated movie named as Transformer, when he done a stunt doubles for Santiago Cabrera. He worked in Smartass, Baywatch, Transformers: The Last Knight, Star Trek Beyond Mr. Mercedes and Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse to name few.

Is He Single or Is Flip Dating?

When he started American Ninja Warriors he grabbed each possible attention towards the lady fan following those are ready to die on in his every glimpse.

But he found his love in an actress named as Angeline Appel. He dated her on year 2011 and also posted so many video with his girl when they celebrating their one year anniversary in 2012.

They always kept their relation with the media, as far as when media controlled loved ones relationship than they parted their ways. So, after that he never linked with any girls so far when he had a breakup with her. Through now he just focusing on his career or also works as a free runner and instructor in loaded gym.

Short Bio:

His real name is David Rodriguez but he has famous with the name of Flip Rodriguez’s. He has born on 4th of May in year 1989 in U.S. He is now 28 years old guy. He has incredible height and having body ripped perfect abs.


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