Doug Marcaida Biography Nationality, Age, Family, Ethnicity, Wife, Knife and net worth in 2019


Doug Marcaida

A man with threat with his an empty hand. No one knows what he can become when he started as one of his deadly blades in hands. He is a person with tremendous skills of fighting and specialized in the hand to hand combat. Doug Marcaida is all appears as a judge in famous televisions series in Forged in Fire he gives his exact cognizance regarding the weapons that put up in show. He has a passion about blades and weapons while his instagram account shows only weapons nothing else.

Progression and Career:

He is a weapon combat specialist and known for his deadliest weapons and blades around the world in United States. He is also a military contractor and designer in FOX knives Italy. He is a skilled martial who studied fighting style or techniques in his highly recognized just for his abilities. His abilities got a great exposure when he joined as a judge in reality shows called as the “Forged in Fire” along with the J. Neilson or David baker.
He now days designed a deadliest weapons and blades that are named as “Direct Action Response Theory” (DART). Doug also created arms as in association with the Bastein Bestinelli or sells up weapons called as Mako, Le Piquer and he is the Contractor series.
But now show having a 6th seasons and still he is a strong man in his skills and give the insights of different weapons also the designs or even he check the weapons those are made in competitions. He receives a no doubt a handsome salary from show and also the significant amount while selling his blades.

Is he married?

He believes that principal of Kali is not only about how much you can hurt but it is about the how many you guys can protect to keeps his private life safe behind the bushes.
Publically he never talks about his personal life or dating or even his married life. He runs a weapon combat specialist that runs a Marcaida Kali that is basically a martial art school or trains antique in appearance of “Filipino Martial Arts” and he work on a websites where he only gives the information regarding his weapons and DART knifes.
He revealed that, he is single man or does not have a wife yet. He just concentrated on the designing and building eccentric models like weapons and not having time even for his family.

His Short Bio:

He is a skilled martial artist and having an American Nationality. He has having a decent height of five feet and eight inches or belongs to a Filipino ethnicity. He has having an excellent body shape or middle aged man. He has having skilled full fighting technique and styles.

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