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Skateboarding has been the popular sort for young kids of America since many decades now.  Almost every kid in America at one time in his life has done skateboarding. Some of these kids have grown up even to become professional skateboarders and with the new age of internet these skateboarders are surely gaining not only fame but making a  lot of money doing what they love.

For our readers today we ring to you one such skateboarding professional of America. The name of this professional skateboarder is Aaron Kyro. Aaron Kyro is also famous for his website ‘Braille Skateboarding’. Aaron got his fame when she made a YouTube channel by the name of Braille Skateboarding couple of years back. The channel is a hit in almost people of all ages at it teaches tutorials for skateboarding from Beginner to advance levels. With the channels Three Million subscribers count, this is the world’s most famous Skateboarding channel. With his success he not only focused on himself but also focused on promoting sports all over USA. He even went on to build a skateboarding park in his hometown. Currently Aaron is being sponsored by many top notch sports brands.

Our guide will help you explore near about every possible fact and personal information available at the moment of this celebrity. So sit back and enjoy this joy ride of information.


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Real Name:- 

Aaron Kyro

Nick Name:-






Physical Stats:-

This portion of the celebrity’s bio will help you get acquainted with the physical attributes of importance that you might want to know.

34 years old Skateboarder Aaron Kyro belongs to white ethnicity group and is a born American National. Aaron as an average white American looks. He is not that handsome but still maintains the looks of a teenager. He has a mild beard on his face. Aaron only weighs about 60 kg while standing at a height of about 5 feet 8 inches.

Personal life:-

For personal life we have carefully selected all the necessary items ranging from date of birth to their family tree that can be of importance to the fans.

Information regarding the career as well as some of the personal information of Aaron Kyro is as follows.

  • Aaron started skateboarding when he was only 10 years old. He lived in a town and a time when skateboarding was not that much popular.
  • After honing his skateboarding skills for many of his teenage years, Aaron though of taking this sport to platform where many other skateboarders can display their skills. This idea was started by building a skateboarding park in his own hometown.
  • For that he really needed much financial assistance and he did so by collecting about 25000 dollars from charity funding and finally made his dream come true.
  • During that time, social media was gaining trend and skateboarding was not that popular on these social media sites. Aaron again ventured into an impossible venture and opened up his own channel on YouTube.
  • His was the very first skateboarding channel that opened up under the name “Braille Skateboarding”. The channel offered skateboarding tutorials from beginner to advance level audience.
  • In few years time, the channel gained a mass following and currently it is the world’s number one skateboarding channel with over 3 million subscribers.
  • Aaron also launched a website with the name Braille Skateboarding in 2007, where visitors could find anything remotely related to skateboarding like following.
  • Tutorials
  • update on skateboarding events
  • Sponsorships
  • The site also launched a mini six part web series that offered a complete course of skateboarding tutorials from beginners to advance levels.
  • One other feature of this website allowed skateboarders to display their skills on international level by posting videos as well as tips and queries about their art. The website soon became a popular skateboarding community on international level.
  • In 2014, Aaron was officially rewarded for his entrepreneur efforts when he received the sponsorship from Revive Skateboards.
  • In 2015, Aaron launched a series titled, Skate Everything that introduced many tough skating tricks. The very same year he also launched another series ‘You Skate it We Make It’ which also introduced tough skating skills as well as tutorials for these tricks.
  • In 2017, Aaron officially launched one of a kind Braille Skate University which was actually a school for skateboarders. This online school gave skateboarding lessons along with giving technical insight on opening up one’s own YouTube Skateboarding Channel. Te channel has become such a huge hit that it currently has over 242 thousand subscribers to date.

Date of Birth:-

September 10th, 1983

Birth Place:-

Denver, CO

Zodiac Sign:-





Few of the amazing facts about life of Aaron Kyro are as follows.

  • Aaron who started skateboarding at age of 10 years used to live in a town called Red Lodge, Montana. At that time, skateboarding was not popular in his town. His first real effort of promoting skateboarding was by building a skateboarding park in his own home town by charity money of 25000 dollars.
  • As far as religion is concerned, Aaron follows Scientology, which is made up of certain religious beliefs and practices. He considered following this religion gave him the self confidence and self esteem that further helped him to make his skateboarding career come true.
  • His wife is also a fellow scientologist named Danielle. They married each other in 2010, he same year when they launched Braille Skateboarding.

Net worth:-

According to analysts, the net worth of Aaron Kyro is easily countable in millions. Considering the success of his multiple YouTube Channels, his online Skateboarding University, his private website and his sponsorship form renowned sport organization, it can be easily around 10 million dollars.


He currently maintains his residence in San Francisco, California.

Family Tree:-

Information about his family is very private and not much has been revealed by Aaron himself.

Father Name:-

Not known

Mother Name:-

Not known


Not known


He currently has no children.


He is married to his fellow scientologist, Danielle. They got married in 2010. Danielle supported Aaron in launching his website Braille Skateboarding the very same year.